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cimpher at gmail dot com

Hey there,

Thanks for checking out my work and here is a short blurb about me.

It dawned on me the other day that I left my job at an MIT startup in underwater robotics to move to London and get my MA in filmmaking 10 years ago. When I first got out of school I tried to make some bigger horror feature films and failed. During that time, I would work any job I could, 2nd AC, 3rd AD, logger, and transcriber in TV. I have always gravitated towards the camera, and I love knowing that the cinematic language is relatively young compared to other forms of expression.

When I returned to the states, I wrote a few different feature films and tried to get those made but again failed. During that time, I would support myself by doing ‘one man band’ work. Shooting, editing and producing what I could at a small level. Mostly branded content, small commercials and at this time, I built a 360 camera and started using that medium to tell stories or take people to other parts of the world. I was lucky enough to shoot in Antartica for National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions.

Over the last few years, I started getting more work in television as a field producer and cameraman but at the same time, I was making documentaries about people I knew or came across. One documentary I worked on was about a terminally ill boy who’s skin would fall off if you touch him. He was in constant pain and suffering. This for me was a turning point. I believe we all make life livable by building a reality for ourselves. We live in this tunnel of ‘if I do this, I’ll be okay’ but the reality is nature and the universe doesn’t care about us and at any moment, our lives could change, our loved ones could become suddenly sick and pass.

When I work with people outside of my life or situations, he keeps me in reality and it keeps me grateful for what I have, which are friends, family, and health.

Since then I’ve produced pieces about adults struggling with addiction, Native American protests, Gypsies, the homeless, murderers, terminally ill children, disabled children and people struggling to simply walk out their front door because they are afraid of how the world views them.

My main focus as a filmmaker is telling the stories of other people from their reality and their experiences.