I’m an innovative and accomplished multi-disciplined Producer/Director of

feature documentary, reality TV, short film, branded, and 360 content.

Over the past few months I started to get into hot sauces and I was lucky enough to run into the owner of Pa’ Su Madre, a New York hot sauce company. We became friends to which I interviewed him and made a film. Enjoy!

Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher


Argonauta Records

Producer | Bice

Director | Michael Cimpher

CONVERSATIONS ON KAVANAUGH: Filmed in Washington DC on October 5th 2018, one day before the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation vote before the Senate.

Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher

DANCING ON ICE: Segment with Didi Conn from Grease.

Produced by ITV

Shooting Producer | Michael Cimpher

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER: Shot in 2015 on top of The National Geographic Explorer on its way to the Antarctica mainland. This is one of many pieces made as a proof of concept for Lindblad Expeditions. This one happens to be one of my favorites though.

Producer | Camera | Post by Michael Cimpher

RONNIE: After a machine shop owner loses everything to addiction, he is saved by the love of his wife and family.

Produced by Fazed Pictures, UK

Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher

ELLA AND THE BLIND WITCH: An old bedtime fairytale turns out to be a bit more than young Tom and Alice can take. This fantasy horror film blends 1920's animation and live action that makes staying at Grandma's house a lot scarier than you could've imagined. WARNING: May not be suitable for young children.

Staring Phyllis McMahon (SHAUN OF THE DEAD), introducing Megan Mary Hart and Joseph Preedy.

Produced by Fazed Pictures

Producer | Director Michael Cimpher

AMERICA UNTITLED: After living in London for 5 years, I needed to see my country again. So for two weeks I slept in my car while traveling around the US with the goal of trying to capture the American landscape and the people within our landscape.

Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher

OIL AND WATER: A 360 feature film about the internet mob in a post truth world. This film follows one person’s call to action from the social media machine to the actual reality of the situation. You’ll never look at the news media the same after this film. We are currently testing the film in dome theaters in LA and will have some exciting announcements shortly.

Produced by Tower Films, and Experience 360

Producer | Camera by Michael Cimpher

SPEED KILLS VR: A clip with John Travolta and Katheryn Winnick from the feature film, Speed Kills. As a companion piece to the film Speed Kills, there are several episodic scenes shot in VR. I was an operator and part of the an amazing camera team.

Produced by Bridgegate films and TopdogVR

Camera by Michael Cimpher

Speedkills VR

TIMES SQUARE 69: After 69 days of techno dancing in Times Square, a 49 year old business man heads to Las Vegas in hopes of being hired by a club as the first Techno Dancing DJ.

Produced by Jhana Weekes

Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher

ABIGAIL: After being burnt, stabbed and lynched, a man returns to the living and begins his quest for revenge. This film is part of a pitch for the feature length version of the script.

Abigail was shot in southern Portugal with local cast and crew with an early RED one camera.

This film was awarded funding through the Algarve Film Commision and was later picked up by Fearnet.

Produced by Algarve Film Commission, and 4am Films.

Producer | Writer | Director Michael Cimpher

TO THE SEA: is a drama about a young girl who struggles to cope with the disappearance of her father.

The film stars Alex Reid (The Descent, Misfits), Phil Cheadle (John Carter) and Zoe Mitchell as Chloe.

Producer | Michael Cimpher

360 SHOWREEL: Shot in 2015 before most 360 tools became available.

Producer | Camera | Stitch | Post by Michael Cimpher

ELITE DAILY: Explore the many creative geniuses who thrived in messy rooms through our 360° experience. I worked with Elite Daily on how they could technically achieve the narrative tool they wanted for this piece. This was made before most 360 tools became available.

Produced by Elite Daily

Camera | Stitch | Post by Michael Cimpher

GLEN ECHO: A boy catches men in the local pond and convinces his mother to keep them until one day a neighborhood girl notices he has caught her dad.

Produced by Curb Denizen

Writer | Director Michael Cimpher


London Short Film Festival - Official Selection

The Smalls Film Festival - Official Selection

Director | Emile Rafael

Producer | Michael Cimpher

DEFECTED RECORDS: Pirupa 'Party Non Stop'

Producer | Michael Cimpher



Produced by Curb Denizen, UK

Director | Michael Cimpher


Produced by Midriff Records

Director | Michael Cimpher



From TC18 in New Orleans. 17,000 attended this Tableau Conference. Here is a sample of one of the many highlights from that week long event.

Produced by Exposed, UK

Director | Michael Cimpher

COUNTERPOINT: Recapturing The Reluctant Radical

Produced by 4am Films

Producer | Michael Cimpher

THE FINERY: One of the many small pieces made for an amazing company, The Finery. Located in NYC, Boston and Philly.

Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher

SUNDANCE: Promo for Facebook, Oculus, IRL productions and Red Summit Productions.

Produced by Red Summit Productions.

Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher

For OUT magazine and Hilton Hotels.

Produced by OUT Magazine

Director | Michael Cimpher


Producer | Camera | Edit by Michael Cimpher

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